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We've seen
    it ALL.

Each one of these things AND MORE have happened here at SCARE HOUSE OF THE SOUTH….Don’t be a Jackass. We are here to have a good time and give you an experience that you will only find here at S.H.O.T.S.

If you love it GREAT. If you hate it, don’t buy a shirt.

DON'T (for your safety)

  • Don't attend pregnant

  • Don't attend if you have heart or lung issues

  • Don't attend if you are emotionally unstable

  • Don't wear jewelry

  • Don't wear open toed shoes


DON'T (because we said so)

  • Don't wear new or nice clothes, they may get wet or a bit dirty

  • Don't come here, get drunk, and fall down a set of stairs

  • Don't come here and claim a wall jumped out and chipped your already blowed out teeth

  • Don't walk/run through our show with your eyes closed and claim you didn't get scared

  • Don't threaten to sue us for $23 because you crapped your pants and wanted us to buy you new ones

  • Don’t pop a bunch of pills and attempt to get naked and dance in line….unless you’re hot

ALL of that and more has happened at the Scare House.

Please, don't be a jackass. We are here to have a great time and give you an experience that you will never forget and that can only be experienced at Scare House of the South. If you love it, GREAT. If you don't, don't buy a shirt.

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